Heather & Ivan Morison

Artists Heather and Ivan Morison were born in Desborough and Nottingham, UK, respectively. They have worked together on many projects and have exhibited nationally and internationally.

Their work is at once a celebration of and a reflection on simple pleasures. and mirrors the passion, process and beauty of their subjects; an astronomer, an ice fisherman, dendrology, floristry, a beekeeper, a pig farmer, Java Sparrows, fungi, science fiction and wildflowers to name a few.

Heather & Ivan Morison observe and collect the things they come into contact with, embracing chance encounters and seeking out subjects which are on the edge of daily life. The everyday and the incidental, the unusual, the hidden and the unforeseen, all are considered without judgement and brought together in an attempt to provide insight, to investigate the things that surround us and to shed light on our place within these things. The artists take delight in revealing the essence of the mundane and its particularities and perculiarities.

For a comprehensive view of their work and other supporting information about them can be found at their website www.morison.info