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Global Survey Radio Station archives

Global Survey Radio Station broadcasts conversations, stories and borrowed material from around the world, collected by the artists Heather & Ivan Morison. These are presented in a programmed format through the listen now link, or as a comprehensive archive below.

Still Life, Resonance 104.4fm
A series of eight weekly half hour radio programmes by Heather & Ivan Morison. The series comprises of a collection of unimportant, unusual and pleasurable conversations and collected sounds that reflect the beauty of their subjects.
Still Life #1
This programme records the passions of an astronomer and an ornathologist.
Still Life #2
Featuring people from New Zealand, Finland and the UK, who all give us a little insight into the important things in life.
Still Life #3
This programme is set in a Norweigian winter
Still Life #4
A collection of sounds recorded during a long slow journey from European Russia, through Siberia and Mongolia to China.
Still Life #5
Starting with the house band aboard a ferry crossing the Baltic Sea, and finishing in a Lithuanian flower shop.
Still Life #6
David Creese, head gardener for Westmonster city council walks us around his spring and summer bedding schemes.
Still Life #7 (listen now)
A beekeeper, some fly fishing, and a large flightless green parrot.
Still Life #8
A Finnish man finishes the series by walking us around the arboretum started by his great grandfather.

LP, 2004
A special edit of seven of the Global Survey conversations has been made for a limited edition white label twelve inch vinyl LP. The conversations took place in Finland and New Zealand, and took place whilst fly fishing, star gazing, beekeeping, ice fishing and bird watching. The edit is twenty seven minutes long.

Tom Woodcroft, Taupo, New Zealand
He was a good fish once, but he's been up the river and done his job up there. His tail is worn out where he has been digging a hole to lay the eggs, and now he's hungry.

Nigel Costley, Nelson, New Zealand
This is a swarm that I put in a box. It was sitting in a branch of a tree, I put a box under it, clippers, plop, lid, caught.

Albert Jones, Richmond, New Zealand
You're looking at a globular cluster. It's a cluster of stars just like a swarm of bees, there's thousands and thousands.

Two beautiful Java Sparrows in a cage on the back of a bicycle. Beijing, China. [Birds on a bike in Beijing]

Siberian Moth in a matchbox [in a Russian-Mongolian border town as it tries to escape, all the time rubbing off its magic wing dust].
Nachshky, Russia

Professor Peder Tigerstedt, Elimaki, Finland
'Look at this scandal. Look at this sex scandal below.'
Peder Tigerstedt describes something disturbing that has happened in his arboretum.

Marcus Walsh, Helsinki, Finland
Real bird watchers should be perfectly happy just looking at Mallards. The males have their brightest plumage right now, and even the females are more beautiful than they get credit for.

Pekka Kotilainen, Stromsinlahti, Helsinki, Finland
It's very strange. Who's been messing with Pekka Kotilainen's nets?

Marina Pimenoff, Helsinki, Finland
Forsythia comes first, yellow flowers on naked stems.
Then jasmine, a sea of flowers, the birds love it.
Chinese roses from Sweden, honeysuckle, rhododendrons,
Summer Snow. Different kinds of iris, white and blue.
Tree peonies from Estonia, lilies that come out of nowhere.
Early botanical tulips, Pimpinella roses, they flower like hell.
Azaleas from Russia, delphiniums from England.
The last to flower is the hortensia.
Plants in Marina Pimenoff's garden, Helsinki, Finland, 2003

Audrius Albanaucius, Vilnius, Lithuania
Audrius Albanaucius talks about friendship as he takes the trollybus home.

Liudas Zakarevicius, A2 Radijo Stotis, 96.40MHz, Vilnius, Lithuania
During his Sunday morning Lithuanian radio show Liudas Zakarevicius receives four calls. They were:
Lynsey, from Ladywood, will watch her husband play football this morning. Later she will go to her mother-in-law's house for Sunday dinner.
Barbara, from Somerset, will be going for a long walk on the hills overlooking the sea with the dog and her friends.
John, from Leicester, went to watch his favourite rugby team play for the finals yesterday. They lost.
Matt, from Coventry, is at work upgrading a computer. Later he will go home and book a hotel room in Paris.

Evaldas Janas, Café de Paris, Vilnius, Lithuania
Evaldas Janas has been invited to play his favourite records at the Café de Paris by
involved. He DJ's all night and has a great evening. (7 hours)

Lina Stumbriene & Ramune Ogilbiene, Rotuses Floralita, Vilnius, Lithuania
Lina Strumbriene and Ramune Ogilbiene are sorry, but they don't have any lillies today, they suggest you call back next week.
Kristina Apanaviciute translates a live broadcast from a flower shop in Lithuania, as the sisters Lina and Ramune go about their work. Their sister Irena Ramanauskaite is not at work today. (7 hours)

Specially compiled program of edited highlights broadcasted at Ikon Gallery 2 March 2003, including:
Family Kihlberg, Gällinge, Sweden
Svein Mjatveit, Skurdalen, Norway
Margaret Emely Genevieve Saete, Trondhjemsveien, Oslo, Norway
Inga-Lill Kihlberg, Gällinge, Sweden
Fredrik Kihlberg, Gothenburg, Sweden
Svein Haagenrud, Geilovegen, Geilo, Norway
Imagine, by Real (for music lovers), Geilo, Norway

A2 Radijo Stotis, 96.40MHz, Vilnius, Lithuania
Compilation of programmes from this local Vilnius radio station.

Laima Palujanskaite, Vilnius, Lithuania
Laima Palujanskaite takes a visitor to lunch at the Martynas Mazvydas Lithuanian national Library in Vilnius. She talks about studying law and the Lithuanian constitution.

Valdas Valonis, Vilnius, Lithuania
Valdas Valonis arrives at today's Lithuanian Independence Day ceremony just in time. He listens as the names of those who died are read out. It is very cold today and most people are wearing fur hats like his own.

Kazimiera Veselka, Vilnius, Lithuania
Kazimiera Veselka sings as part of the Vilnius anti-war demonstration.

Rolandas Paksas, Baltic Kristina, Baltic Sea
Rolandas Paksas plays saxophone for the Baltic Kristina's house band. He sits in the audience and watches when there is no part for him to play.

Fredrik Kihlberg, Gothenburg, Sweden
Fredrik Kihlberg is building his own violin. This will take him two years. After he has built it he will learn how to play.

Inga-Lill Kihlberg, Gällinge, Sweden
Inga-Lill Kihlberg takes her guests for a walk in the forest near her home. They meet her friends, out riding their Icelandic horses. They shake snow from the bent over trees. Inga-Lill spots elk tracks and they follow them to the frozen lake
. Inga-Lill then tells them the local folk story about the dragon in the rock. They end up at her cousin's house where they go in for coffee and