Global Survey radio station help

Global Survey radio uses mp3 web casting. This means you can listen using any one of a variety of mp3 players (including iTunes, RealPlayer and WinAmp) and the basic 28.8 modem. All the listen links are to a .pls file which should automatically open your mp3 player. If you are having problems it is probably because your mp3 player is not setup to automatically play these files, or you do not have an mp3 player. The simplest mp3 player is the free WinAmp. It works very well with no hidden tricks. You can download it quickly, and for free, by clicking here.

See our further help section below on how to setup your mp3 player as the default player.

Further Help

Some people are having problems playing the mp3 audio stream. This audio file format (mp3 playlist) seems fairly new which is why web browsers do not appear to be automatically set up to deal with it.

If your web browser goes to a page of data instead of playing the sounds you asked for it is probably because you do not have any additional application set up to play streaming mp3s (or .pls files). If you already have RealPlayer use the solution below, if you have iTunes try something similar as below. If you have WindowsMedia and find a solution please let me know as I am unsure myself how to make that work. If you have none of these I would recommend downloading WinAmp. You can download it quickly by clicking here. Once installed this will automatically set itself as the default player for the files you want to listen to (you can check this by clicking on the box in the top left of the main WinAmp menu then Options->Preferences->Setup->File Types and then selecting from the list of associated file types). After you have done this the sound files should launch automatically in the new application when clicked on in your web browser.

Solution for RealPlayer

If you must choose to use this as an audio player then: have you configured your real player to handle the mp3 playlist format (.pls)? If not do this: This is for Mac but also works for Windows. Use this path to get to the options dialogue you need: View Menu->Preferences->Upgrade tab->Re-Associate media types button. You should find a list of media types that realplayer will handle. Amongst them will be 'mp3 playlists. Select the click-box to activate it. (You can also set real to play mp3's at this stage). This will fix it. Go to your browser and click the audio link again. Your Realplayer should start automatically.


Your browser is set up to deal with different kinds of file in different ways. Some files it displays in the browser window by itself. Some files it needs other applications to display or play the content. The files used here (mp3 playlist or .pls) are the latter kind. It needs an audio player or some such. BUT as .pls is relatively new your Browser has not been set-up to deal with at the start. When you followed the steps above Realplayer told your browser to set itself up as the standard mp3 playlist application whenever your browser is asked to play that kind of file. Now, some people don't like realplayer to play their audio and some people don't like Realplayer at all (intrusive internet business model). So, you can go into your browser and tell it which audio player you would like to use instead. . If you look around your audio player's setting or preferences you can probably work this out yourself.

If you are still having trouble then please go to the message board section of the website. Look under the technical section. If there is no answer already there, then register and login and post the question, we can then try to deal with your problem directly. Please do stick with it, the content is worth hearing and we wouldn't want to lose you. Once you are set up for this the whole world of internet radio will be open to you.